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Lens removal - Dog has cataracts - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

I am new to the board. I have an 11yr old Golden with Cataracts and a 20 year Old Cat. I love all animals and am a pure vegetarian.

Today I took my Golden (Brandy) to the Dog Othamologist to se what could be done about her Cataracts. They are quite thick.

The Othlamogist was very very nice. I wish I meet more people like him.

He gave Brandy a checkup including measuring her IOP. it was 9 and 11

He used the same equipment that my Opthamologist uses on me. I have had Cataract, Detached Retina and Glucoma surgery in both eyes. (So I know some medical terminology)

The Vet Opthamologist advised my wife and I that the left eye was to thick and hard, but the right eye was a candidate for Cataract surgery.

I asked some questions that I had asked my opthalomigist. He gave me straight answers (I liked him even more)

We agreed to the surgery and he gave us a prescription for 3 different kind of drops to be started 5 days prior to surgery.

There was one answer that he gave that puzzled me, but seeing he was so nice , I didn't persue it. However it has bugged me all day and I decided to solicit other opinions.

He said that he would remove the cataract lense and then close the opening. I asked him as to what type of lense he would be replacing Brandy's right eye with. He said none.

My wife asked how Brandy would see without a lense and the Vet said she would see welllenough to catch a ball. I must admit I to was puzzled as to how she is going to see without a lense. But I did not persue this line as he was so very nice.

I would be very grateful if the members could explain to me how a dog who has had cataract surgery and no replacement lense will be able to fetch a ball. The vet also told us that ther was a 10% chance of things going wrong , but a 90% chance of things going well.

I hope my post makes sense and I look forward to reading your posts.

Best Wishes.
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