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Jeff, I understand how frustrating it can be! I emailed you; hopefully I can be of help.

When I was fostering dogs, I turned down an applicant for a Rottweiler because she was in her early 20's and renting. I thought she was probably a very good potential owner - but I also knew from experience how difficult it would be to find future rentals with a Rottie. That, plus her fiance never showed up to see the dog, so I didn't feel he would be as comitted, which might compound future complications. I also turned down a very nice man who wanted a dog I had because she had health issues and he was on a fixed income; I worried that he wouldn't be able to afford care.

From a foster home perspective, one often takes in a dog and has to do some rehabilitation (health, training, behavioural issues) and I got quite invested emotionally in a couple of the dogs I took in! So I found myself being extremely picky. I figured if they weren't going to get as good as, or better care than, I was providing, I might as well keep the dog until I found such a home. For the record though, I felt really badly about turning these people down! But I figured they would get another dog somewhere...
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