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Exclamation Question about Pitbulls, need advice

I am looking into getting a dog for myself. I am 20, live with 2 other guys and go to college. I am trying to decide between a pitbull and a golden retriever. My family has had a golden for 10 years now and I love him, but he lives away from me now. Most of all I am looking for loyalty. Anyway, my question is about pitbulls. As I mentioned before I am a college student so I am a bit strapped for cash, meaning I can't afford a $500-1000 dog. A friend of mine knows somebody who just had a litter of pits born. I don't know much about him yet but from what my friend has told me, the guy and his girlfriend both had pits and they mated unintentionally and produced a litter that he is now going to sell. He is looking for only 150$ per dog. Granted there would be no lifelines, shots, or anything else you get with an experienced breeder. For me, my needs (which are a loyal companion I can love) would it make THAT much of a difference to buy my dog from this guy (I will of course visit and check out the conditions, personality, breeder, and health of the dogs before I ultimately decide) OR should I wait, save my money and buy my dog from a qualified, professional breeder? Will the dogs from the guy have bad temperment, illness, or ultimately be mixed in breed (since I would have no lifelines)? Supposedly, both dogs that accidently mated were pure breds. I need some input from those who know these dogs and can tell me what I should do.

Also I wanted to know about what I should expect to pay to get the dog fully taken care of (shots, worms, spayed/neutered, the whole works) plus I plan on putting it through obedience school. My thought process is that in the end, the better route would be to just buy one from an accredited breeder but again, I'm new to this
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