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Thanks for your response Choochi.

The only time I am about to get any poultry for $1/lb is at Easter and Christmas when the turkeys go on sale, except then I have to go to every store and buy one turkey since there is usually a 1 turkey limit. It costs another $0.99/lb to get them ground up, so now that's sitting at $2 per lb. I haven't been able to find farmers or Hutterites that sell their utility grade chickens or turkeys anywhere near this price...$2/lb is more typical. I have been poking around trying to find decent priced meat since I ran out of the turkey meat after Easter.

I do prefer to have the meat ground up. I fed a previous dog a raw diet with meat chunks/whole pieces. I had to grind the food at first to transition that dog to the whole pieces. I found this method of feeding to be very messy. The dog always smelled bad because she would have the meat juice all over her front paws and legs and half her face (haha) and then that meat juice would go rancid during the day no matter how much she licked her feet off or if I wiped her down. I had to soap her feet off after each meal to keep her smelling ok which dried her feet out. I eventually gave up on the raw diet with that dog and she did very well on Orijen. I'm not interested in feeding meat pieces like that again.

I finally found the full analysis on the Mountain Dog website (hard to find)...

Mountain Dog Food bone-in turkey 17% protein, 12% fat, 1.8% calcium
Mountain Dog Food bone-in chicken 14% protein, 18% fat, 1.4% calcium
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