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Originally Posted by jamiexof View Post
my cat ate a tiger lily yesterday afternoon. the outcoe could be kidney failure. has anyone had this issue and if so what did you do and how did it turn out? i took her to the vet but am terrified she won't be okay!
My 2 cats each ate 1/2 an oriental lily leaf a year ago (a present...I don't keep house plants because of the cats). I called Animal Poison Control and they told me to get them to a vet hospital immediately and they would contact the hospital to let them know how to proceed. Once there, they were fed charcoal which evidently acted as a magnate for the toxins and their stomachs were pumped. They were put on IV's immediately to flush out their systems. They remained on IV's in the hospital for 3 days. The vet told us that it was fortunate that we got them in so quickly or the result could have been kidney failure. They seem fine today and the vet told us that the cats could function well even if they had slight kidney damage. But I still worry in case there is some lasting damage. The cost was almost $3500, but, of course, worth every cent to save them. Hope your kitty is ok.
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