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Missing Beagle

My beagle went missing in July of this year, below is some details about her and what happened. If anyone knows of someone who has acquired a Matured Female Beagle since July, PLEASE, PLEASE call me! This dog is very, very special to me and I want her back.

I live just South of Big Valley Alberta, the land we live on borders highway #56 and #589,two very busy highways. On the evening of July 11th, I went riding and my Beagle "BUG" came with me as usual. She of course caught a scent and was gone. I continued with my ride and expected her to come home as soon as she was done her chasing. This always happens and she always comes home exhausted.. but happy. But that night she never came home! The next morning we started looking all over (I mean everywhere... even across the highway, ditches etc..) We wore out 3 horses and used a lot of fuel, there was not one bush that we did not look at! And still nothing. I am very sure that someone stopped along the highway and thought she was abandoned. Little did they know that we have a place tucked back in the hills!
She was wearing a collar aswell, but for all I know it could have fallen off.
I have posted lost posters everywhere and called all vet clinics and town offices in a huge surrounding area to see if a beagle has been registered. And still nothing! So this is another attempt to spread the word!

My Beagle is a purebred, female, 2.5 years old, answers to the name Bug, has a distinctive white triangle patch on her right hip. I will try and post a pic as soon as I figure out how too. Her picture is posted under the lost section of petlynx and canada strays. I am still offering a reward or even a replacement dog.

Thank you for reading this and if anyone has any information, please e-mail me on this forum.
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