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What to do with photos can be quite a problem. We had a discussion earlier this year on what to do with years of photos with members of the family. The younger members preferred the idea of photo albums seeing that everything is going digital. They thought it would be unique to be able to leaf through albums and look at photographs the way it used to be done, and over time they will become family heirlooms. The one main thing they stipulated was please put names dates and places in pencil on the back of the photos as well as a small caption under the photo in the album. This I thought was a great idea due to the fact that I have photo albums here that go back in the 1920s belonging to my parents with no description or names rendering them a bit useless not knowing the gist of the photo. As the kid said they wished their grandparents would have done the same to their photos so they would tell a story.

Hope this idea might help.
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