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Just a quick update!

Monster went in for his follow-up CBC today. We had no idea how low his RBC was last Saturday when he had the transfusion. On Friday afternoon (last week) he was at 2.7, by Saturday around noon he was down to 1.25

We leave for the states in a couple of weeks, so I got copies of all the recent blood tests to put in his file at home in case he has to see a vet down south and when I saw the one from Saturday, my heart about leaped out of my chest. I know they said he was in really bad shape, but Shaun and I had no idea it was that low. I didn't know you could survive at that level
But that would explain why they didn't think he would make it through the weekend. Guess he fooled them (again)!!

I'm very happy to say that his RBC is at 7.48 today, on the high side of normal!! *does the happy dance*
His white blood count is a bit low, but the vet on duty said that could be because his body was working so hard to pump out the red blood cells, and he does have Giardia. But overall, his CBC was great! She told us to take it home and frame it

As long as he continues to fight, we will too
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