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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
He doesn't chew furniture at all (at least not to this point). It's just things he can get his mouth around, like toys, socks etc. He's been alone with cushions and has never chewed. At home, it isn't a problem at all anymore. We have it managed pretty well. And having Thorin, and us, to play with keeps him occupied. At night he sleeps with DH, myself and Thorin with the bedroom door closed. There is nothing for him to get in his mouth. He hasn't ingested anything recently. The last was at the previous daycare 6 weeks ago , and it's still working it's way through.
We hope he grows out of it as well. We are down to a 5mg daily dose of pred and no azathioprine, so hopefully that will help
My friends dog didn't either, until one day she went home for lunch to let her dogs out and ........, well you can imagine what she discovered

Could chemicals from what he chews be causing some of his health issues? As well, if it doesn't pass through the digestive system quickly, then the immune system could be kicking in causing havoc .
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