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Hi my name is Tobie. I am a 2.5 year old goldendoodle. I got flees this past summer & mom got rid of the fleas with shampoo, but I am still itchy. I have a scabby rash and a big sore on my back near my rump that is now slowly healing.

Ten days ago mom and Jonathan (my owner) took me to the vet. $ 200.00 + later, we left. Vet did not take blood tests, but diagnosed my condition as staph infection and he said that I had allergies. He prescribed bioclav 375, betadine scrub & fuciderm gell.

Problem is that although the sore on my back is slowly healing, the rash around my legs and on my tummy is spreading and I am scratching like heck.

Jonathan is not exactly flush with cash and $200.00 was a lot of money for him. He knows that he has to take me back again, which I don't mind because I love car rides, but we want advise on how to deal with the vet.

Jonathan does not want to have to dish out $200.00 again if it does not fix me. The vet was nice enough, but obviously the vet misdiagnosed me or something. We are wondering how we should we handle the situation? Should I just bite him and tell Jonathan to suck it up? Should we go to another vet? Problem then is we have to start all over again. Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks & woof, woof!
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