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Originally Posted by maneater View Post
The reason I am asking is because yesterday I was walking them and 2 kids with an adult came up to me and just dove for my dogs and I told the kids not to touch the dogs....
I believe the proper response here is "Why do you take your children out if they have no manners?"

You are under no obligation to allow rude, pushy children to pet your little bitty dogs. A curt reminder to the adult "responsible" for such children that scaring the crap out of a strange dog (of any size) can result in a painful bite to a child and it is only polite to ASK before attacking!

I have always allowed people who ask first to pet my dogs. I usually get a little, shall we say, snipey with people who assume that since my dog is seeing the light of day they have the right to fawn all over it.
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