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Hi Hazel:

The wing tips are good - they are more of a cartilage type meat - which is good for the jaws, and to help maintain the teeth.

I am a little skeptical of the marrow bones closer to the body. Because they can splinter and cause a choking hazard. A lot depends on JD - if he's an aggressive chewer like our Yogi is - anything that goes into his mouth can be swallowed and quite often to his disgust, when it comes to the meat in his meal, he ends up throwing it back into his plate. I've been warned that for cats of this type, the marrow bone in the wings or legs can pose a choking problem.

What we have found is the frozen Cornish Hens have the necks with them that BB loves. She'll eat half a neck in the time it takes to toast a couple of slices of bread. Are Cornish Hens something that you folks eat? That would be a way to get a couple of necks for JD.

Something else you might think about is buying whole fresh chickens at your butcher shop and cutting them up yourself. Cut out the spine really close and split it in half and cut it into chunks and see if that works for him.

When it comes to making raw food, I am very particular about grinding the bones a couple of times to relieve choking hazards in the food.

The spine is very similar to the neck, just a little bigger. It's worth a thought.

I haven't had anything to do with chicken feet - in fact we haven't seen them at all - scarce as hen's teeth.

I'd be interested in Longblades experience with chicken wings and the marrow bones in them, if she has had any at all.

I always watch the amount of bone in the food. Too much has a tendency to cause constipation.
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