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My suggestion is to shave the dog. I know alot of people don't like it says it will ruin the coat (comes back thicker, thinner, color changes slightly, coarser) but I've never had a bad experience with it.

Drifter gets shaved 1-2 every year. He's a Lab mix so his hair isn't long at all but he sheds like the devil. So while working at a groomers someone brought in their Basset Hound and Lab to be shaved. I didn't know you could shaved such short coated breeds but you can and it stops shedding for about 4 months. So Drifter gets a haircut now when the warm weather starts to come around and the hair has always grown back without problems. Though since he's overweight he looks less then flattering without his hair to help cover some of those rolls lol.

Boone will be getting shaved as well he's a GSD mix, slightly longer/thicker coat then Drifter so he sheds a heck of alot more and will be getting his first hair cut shortly.
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