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I appreciate the replies!
I think the drool would bother me, and my husband has said NO WAY to a potential drooler
I did find another Leonbereger breeder who seems very nice, smaller home raised breeder. She is located near Havelock Ontario, anyone have any experience or heard of them? I don't know if I'm allowed to post the name of the breeders, but she is Andrea. They are ckc reg. and have taken quite a bit of time talking to me!
I'm still torn with the whole male/female issue??? She said other than the size difference, although, her largest Leo was actually a girl, is that she finds the girls to be more playful, and boys more laid back. We are deffinatly in the market for a laid back, go with the flow, snuggle bug!
I know there are always exceptions, but anyone care to share their ideas on male vs female??
Thanks, I love this forum!!!!
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