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Thanks Hazel

Thanks, Hazel. I think you are right. Sadie is much better closing in on a week of torment. She still wobbles when she walks but seem content to lie down and sleep. I might just take her to a vet but I have to find another one and in the big city that is difficult to find. Dang getting old. However, I do believe her BARF diet helps. I have cut back on bones and calcium and she now gets magnesium and that seems to have helped her become a little more energetic and lively. I didn't sit down that hard but enough to probably stretch the ligaments and connective tissues. The osteo or probs are in her hip. Same with mine and the borax, magnesium, selenium and others of my protocol seem to have lifted the pain in both of us.
Again, cheers for your response. I must be more mindful on our outings and of course, when & how I sit.
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