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14+, 14+, 14+.....

At this rate were gonna have to ask marko to open up a new subforum just for you!

I'm just astounded by your generosity, not to mention your incredible talent.
Iíve always said how much I loved your work and how beautiful all your pieces are but to see one of your masterpieces first hand is something else. Pictures truly donít do them justice.

Guys & gals 14+ struck again! This time with the most amazing wood burning of little bunduk's face .

Honestly it's so good that I keep reaching out to run my fingers against it, almost expecting to feel fur.

I havent attached a picture yet (or taken one) because I think I need the light of day to go anywhere near hopefully showing you a fraction of its gorgeousness.

Did I mention I love it? Also, thank you, shukran, merci, gracias *1000000

I'lll cherish it forever

Btw, my whole family adored it as well. My dad especially was enthralled (and he only tolerates cats!).
Famous last words:

"No, Bunduk, Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"
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