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Originally Posted by pattymac View Post
I've done a little bit with my sister before we moved west and would love to try doing more.

One day my sister brought over a wool scarf she knit to felt. We had a top-loading washer and hers is a front loader, not so good for felting. Really, really neat. She's also done some wet felting which is really pretty and seems pretty easy.
This made me ! I have done "felting", but the one time was NOT BY CHOICE!!! I had knit a hat, mitt and scarf set for a friend from 100% wool, and had tried to wash in in cold water to prevent shrinking...but the agitation still shrunk the heck out of them!!!
I didnt even have a little one to give them too after the damage.
It was only AFTER that I had heard that doing that was called felting!
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