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Originally Posted by LovNKyra View Post
I thought it was mange but I've had her for several scrapings showing very little which the vet said was normal, I had her on revolution, and now ivermectin none of which made any improvement. So is it mange or isn't it? This is why I figured allergies but once again I've exasperated efforts with that to very little success. All this just numbs my brain! It's literally a full time job trying to fix this dog!

So you say pork, with veggies, and add in suppliments for vitamins, calcium, iron, ect is a good diet for my pooch?
I guess I'm confused about the ivermectin, since you said she was getting better.

did you say that you had been working with a Dermatologist? I've seen dogs on the forums like that need antibiotics, and others with mange. I honestly don't know. Has she ever been on antibiotics?

This dog, pictures on page 1, it was infection and needed antibiotics:

Treatment plan:

before and after pics (antibiotics + change in diet)

I have to worry about staph, pyoderma, or even an autoimmune skin condition. I think I might have tried some antibiotics before the ivermectin, since your vet has tired the revolution, etc.

On the diet, a good diet is one with foods that your dog will tolerate, and then you need to balance it as best you can. You will have to see how she does on the pork. My girl did very well on it, my boy, no, it was not good for him at all, he's a beef boy.
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