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Originally Posted by mihoko View Post
I have a cat that's about 10 months old, and he used to belong to my roomate. I have noticed that sence he has been fixed and declawed he hasn't been himself anymore....he barely eats, he weighs 6 pounds now, and my 6 month old cat weighs more. It's not often he wants to play anymore with us. And he has no interest in my two other before the vet he used to play with my cat all the time they loved eachother....but all he does now is sleeps.....i'm thinking depression but he does still play wen he feels like it and he always wants affection from me....the reason he is now mine is cause he seems to be more interested in me than anyone els. He stays in my room all the time wen i'm not home and if i'm sitting in the living room he will come find me there and than go straight back to i have tryed changing the food to see if he would like it and i always end up with the same results...he picks at it. He also drinks alot of water. he also been after his ears alot but the last time we brought him in the vet said he didn't have ear mites. so i don't know if that plays a factore to his problem. But i am verry concerned about him... the last thing i need is to wake up and him not breathing i have another appointment for him in 3 days. but the vet didn't sound to convincing wen i was talking to her over the phone.

any segestion on what it could be...maybe i'll be able to bring it up to the vet wen i bring him in. (sorry for the spelling)
Cats are extraordinaly smart. This sweet girl seeks out smart. My guess is she draws sustaining life from you.

Mihoko ... you do know you are interchanging she and he???
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