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Sometimes he does want more food which I give him including the

We went to the vet this morning. She did a full body exam, got
a good palpation of his stomach. She did a few x rays which came
back clear. She did say his heart was slightly smaller, but not concerned
as there is good blood flow. She also did a consult with a specialist.

I'll get a stool sample for her to examine. Right now, she thinks he's
just not eating enough. She also is an advocate of feeding wet food,
but she said that giving him a bit of dry might help. He has lost another
ounce in 2 weeks.

She suggested the Purina Pro Plan Senior, that is what the specialist gives
her older cat. I am concerned of course about the phosphorous numbers.

I've got some Wellness Core Dry, he gobbled that right up.

I did tell her about the Renafood, she had not heard of it. Could this possibly
be part of the problem? I know the thyroid is a large factor. She did
not feel that blood work was needed at this time.

Any further suggestions would be appreciated as always. He's full of energy and seems to be doing well, just so concerned about the weight
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