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Thank you both once more for your helpful responses.

I've got the Lactated Ringers Solution, I don't think it has the injection
port. I'll look more into that.

I attain the fluids and needles from the vet. If I am injecting the B vitamins
myself, is there a specific kind and how much do I add on each administration?

I read in another thread about kitties becoming more ansy after a certain
point. Sampson did that this evening, I wasn't quite at 100ml. I'm assuming it's
ok to give the rest tomorrow? I want to make sure I don't give too much.

The Wellness Healthy Indulgence pouches have been successful. They are
eating a bit less, but still very interested. I found the Beechnut baby food
and mixed some in when they seemed a bit less interested. (After licking off
all the parts with the gravy. ) Did the trick, they all love it.

I spoke briefly with my vet about his progress. She was happy and had
no issue with the different food.

His weight seems to be stabilized. Sometimes my scale shows a slight gain,
sometimes the same as when he last went to the vet. Thankfully, no losses.

Another question: He is licking the base of his tail like crazy. I've had the vet
look at it a few times, she didn't notice mange or anything of that nature. He's
completely licked off most of the hair on one side. Any suggestions?

Your support is so very much appreciated.
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