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Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
Hello everyone!

I found this forum through a Google search. I have read several of the
threads regarding kidney issues. I'm still trying to learn what I need to.
Hi PumpkinPal welcome to the fourm & the CRF cat club.

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
Sampson was diagnosed with kidney disease 10 days ago. He has problems with his thyroid and takes 2.5 mg of Methimazole twice daily.

His blood work in April was fine, no significant elevation. The vet noted he had
lost 4 ounces from his previous visit 3 months before. I was feeding him, as well as my other 2 cats the Wellness Core dry food.

I changed the food to the Wellness canned. They didn't always eat that so
I occasionally gave Science Diet which they seemed to prefer more. No more
dry at all.
Glad to hear you've eliminated all dry food

For kidney cats I always suggest placing something under the food & water dishes to elevate them between 2-6 inches off the ground. Phone book, upsidedown canned catfood case box, block of wood, something to allow the cat to eat with their head above their stomach level, helps keep stomach acid in the stomach reducing nausea. I found it reduced strain on the neck as well & we want to use any advantage to encourage eating, just make sure the dishes can't slip off the "kitty table".

Are you meal feeding the canned or is it left out for munching during the day?

You can try increasing the amount of food offered, feeding more frequently - include a before bed meal will help with any nausea overnight between dinner & breakfast.

You can also tempt with a bit of treats on the food some shredded bits of cooked chicken, freezed dried treats like Purebites though some cats do start to demand extras on their meals

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
His next visit showed a loss of 7 ounces. The blood work shows a BUN number of 47 and a Creatinine level of 2.6. No crystals in the urine, his other blood work is normal.
How was his Urine Specific Gravity (USG from the urinalysis) prior to starting fluids?

T4 (Thyroid hormone) level stable compared to the last test?

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
He is not drinking or urinating excessively. He started the sub Q fluids, 150ml twice weekly.

I weighed him last night and he seems to have lost a few ounces from when he was in to get his first fluids a few days ago. I'm hoping my scale is wrong.
Did they weigh him before or after giving fluids?

I take it you are bringing Sampson to the vets twice a week for his fluids? Have you considered/discussed with your vet doing them at home yourself?

It's honestly not as scary as it may sound, quite simple to do, and works out far cheaper when you purchase the supplies from a medical supply company rather than the vet.

Here's a great site that shows step by step how to give subqs:

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
He does eat. I'm very concerned about the weight loss. My vet recommended the low protein food, but after doing research, I see that is not a good option. He will eat the Wellness, I will continue to give him that unless someone can suggest something better.
Wellness canned Turkey, Chicken, Beef & Chicken and Kitten formula have good phosphorus levels Try to stay away from fish varieties as much as possible they do tend to be higher in phosphorus.

Sampson will need adequate protein levels in his food to gain good muscle weight and slow muscle loss, therefore low protein is not what is important to look for in food, low phos is.

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
Also, is giving Renafood helpful? I want to stabilize his weight and keep him healthy for as long as I can.
Standard Process' Renafood is good as is their veterinary feline formula Feline Renal Support, helps to support the kidneys with natural supplements, my CRF grrl was started on Feline Renal Support a couple of months after her diagnosis 3 years ago.

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
I also wanted to add that he seems to
go to the little box right after he eats. Not sure if the food is just going
right through him or not. It's normally to urinate, he tends to poop maybe
once a day.
Most cats (most dogs too as a matter of fact) will elminate after eating, behavour that goes back to the littertraining/housbreaking time. It's not the food he's just eaten that's going right through him, just the schedule his body is on eliminating from previous meals.
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