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Hi growler
I cannot thank you enough for your support and providing such a thoughtful reply. Everything was very helpful – your comments, your support, the link you posted.

I am dearly hoping Boi (his name) can make it through this. Even when I took him into the vet initially, he didn't seem “sick”. He last had bloodwork 2 years ago, which came back fine.

I'm trying very hard to think of the reason, because we have two other cats, one of which (Tuddy) was "not acting himself" for a couple of days in late December - but he returned to 100% normal before the vet appointment, so we chalked it up to the food change (the cats were briefly switched from a mature blend we get from the vets, to Wellness brand- but their stomachs objected so they were switched back). I'll be getting Tuddy tested ASAP as well. This is terrible.

Absolutely no plants come in the house (even if they are gifts). We don't use flea treatments, ant/rat poison, or toxic cleaners. Our own OTC medicines are kept in a drawer. We don't leave any food out uncovered. Our cats are 100% indoors. Boi has never bothered to groom himself (or anyone else), so accidental ingestion from licking isn't under question.
However, grapes were indeed brought in the house, and even though they were never left out, this is the only thing I can think of. Perhaps one fell and went completely undetected? Similarly, a pill might have fallen and went completely undetected, but we are all so careful...

The urinanalysis just came back and results were faxed to me (the vet was in with a patient and I haven't heard back from him for hours). The comments do not look good. Can I still have hope to buy him a little more time?

Specific Gravity: 1.013
pH: 5.5
Urobillogen: 3.2
Blood: Positive 2+
Urine Bilrubin: Negative
Glucose: Negative
Ketones: Negative
Protein: Negative

Amorphous debris: Moderate
Bacteria: None seen
RBC: 0-3/HPF
Squamous epithelial: 1-5/HPF
WBC: 0-3/HPF

Iatrogenic hematuria
Prior azotemia noted, this usg supports renal insufficiency and borderline failure

I know this isn't good - in CRF cats, failure is 90%+ loss of kidney function, right? If there's anything else you can think of, let me know. Just hoping to get a little more time with him.

If nothing else, thank you so much for your previous support and insight - the response I already received was so incredibly helpful to me, and made me feel less like I'm "navigating blind".
Thank you for everything.

Vet now says it is NOT poisoning because the USG is high, and that it is CRF(?!). I'm not sure about this. He is presenting with no anemia, extremely high creatinine/urea, metabolic acidosis... no problems with anything before recently... this isn't making sense to me.
I'll ask for an ultrasound to check for enlarged kidneys (CRF = shrunken kidneys, ARF = enlarged?) - is there anything else I can do?

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