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Originally Posted by Sib.HuskyMom View Post
Cardiac concerns is something I have much experience with unfortunately. Like your vet said, I wouldn't be too concerned over a 2-3 rating. My old dog stayed at that rating for about 3 years before it suddenly progressed to a 5. At the time, I unfortunatley didn't know about the option of natural supplements, so it's not something that I ever looked into.
However we did start giving him Vetmedin. It was a low dose in the beginning (I believe just 1 pill every other day).

Like your vet said, keep an eye out for coughing, or getting winded more quickly after excercise. Also, it's good to start taking her pulse on a regular basis. When she's at the vet, it's probably elevated due to stress. But when she's relaxed at home, you'll be able to tell what her true resting heart rate is. If you notice it increasing over time, than that's another sign that heart is having to work harder than it used to, to pump blood.
Thank you SHM, for your post It made me feel much better! I think we will look into the Coenzyme Q10 supplement, and keep an eye on Sass. There has been no signs yet (coughing, winded after exercise) that it's affecting her. If anything, she has become quite the spunky gal in her old age And that is a fantastic idea about taking her pulse on a regular basis!

Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
As most know my permenant now foster boy has a faulty heart valve and is considered terminal. He is currently on Vetmedin and Fortekor. Last vet visit is that his heart sounds good and though he will not be cured the disease has slown down.

It was recommended to me that Spike be limited in his play and normal doggie activities. I have taken a different approach and I am letting him live life and not having him live around life. He is having a blast and doing what dogs do. I do however keep an eye on him during the winter months (the cold) and the stairs we try to avoid.
Thanks for the tips BenMax. We will keep an eye on her, and I agree that as she ages we let her dictate her doggie activities. We have noticed this winter is hard on her at times, so we really try to limit outdoors times (for all the dogs) and focus on indoor games.

Thanks again everyone for the tips!
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