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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
I believe this is NOT TRUE. While I have no desire to help someone privately house a lion I believe it does a disservice to all of us to erroneously state facts and mislead people. Aslan, if this situation has changed since the date of the article in my link then I apologize profusely to you. However, I could not find any confirmation that this has changed. If you can provide it please, please post a link.

Another point: Yes it is illegal to house any NATIVE wild animal, even a squirrel. Unless the OP has meant a mountain lion, not a African lion, he/she is free in many parts of Ontario to keep one. If the OP was truly knowledgable on the care and keeping of lions I can't help but wonder why an appeal to a pets board is made. Surely the OP is aware that few people keep lions as pets? I can think of several places to ask this question that would likely get better results.

Let me stress, please, I don't intend to cause controversy by contradiciting a respected member and I beg forgiveness if I have done so. In that case I ask once again for corroboration. I do believe this is a serious topic. We need to address it by knowing the facts. Miss-stating them does not help.

Below is the Bill, Bill 125, propsed to make illegal the keeping of exotics as pets. It has passed first reading but has yet to pass second and third readings and then has to receive Royal Assent. It is NOT law yet.

Please if you wish to take action on this topic, contact your MPP and let him/her know. WE need to make sure this bill goes all the way through. the next link is a place you can file to help make this happen.

I want to add, just in case the website linked to the bill is out of date I have contacted my MPP and asked for a call back on the timeline of this bill. I will post back when they call me.

ETA: To lighten it up a little, I have a great story about a cougar that was removed from private premises some years ago. I think I will make a separate post for your entertainment.

ETA: My MPP's office just called back and this bill has only passed first reading. There may be an election and if that happens there is serious danger this bill could die and never reach second reading. There is quite a way to go yet on this. Please, get active and let people know you support Bill 125.

ETA: Here's my cougar story thread.
Thanks for your message even though it doesnt help me.... but it does help some of the people on this forum understand that they dont know what they are talking about when they start you stated is true..... But please if you know of an easier way for me to figure out these answers i would like to hear back from you as i have tried calling all sorts of numbers and have gotten nowhere.... aside from calling every township to find out their laws... If you know of a number i could call to find out my answer please let me know thanks....

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