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Outdoors bird feeder

I love sparrows. Everywhere I've lived there are sparrows from Mexico to England, to Canada there's always our friends the cute, small, delicate and at the same time tough sparrows and I love them for that. I grew up hearing and seeing them.
Anyways I setup a feeder to help them through the winter that btw came early.
It's one of those gazebo style for small birds (sparrow size) but they won't come

I just did it yesterday though. I know they're very cautious so they might take their time to come. It's hanging from a tree branch. I checked the seeds online and the mix is good for sparrows too.
Any tips to let them know they can come over and have a snack here ?
My cats don't go there, they're indoors and our neighbor's cat is indoors too.
Heck not even the squirrels have come to take a look
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