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I apprciate your comments, it's very well written and to the point.

For starters. I have a 1 year old APBT. Briggs is a family pet. She is with us constantly.
I wouldn't leave my dog unattended with any children. I don't believe dogs are to be babysitters. I do however trust her completely with children, while there is supervision. I don't have children of my own and I think it's fari to say that depending on the circumstances I would consider her being PTS if there ever was an attack. I would hope that would be for any breed.

Pit bulls are not bred to attack people, they are "programmed" that way through "training" by the irresponsible owners, and by training I mean they either have protection training, or no training at all. Many dogs involved in these types of horrible attacks have a story behind them. They are not fully vaccinated, they are under socialized, they are neglected, etc.
Some attacks on other dogs are from owners carelessly assuming their dog will not do anything. Pit bulls will attack other dogs if they feel threatened, regardless of size. If a caucker spaniel (I know how to spell but it gets blocked) was to get in my dogs face and try and initiate (what its owner would call playing) a fight, my dog would probably end it. The public is VERY misunderstood about this fact. There are misunderstood about the breed entirely - they are not bred to be HUMAN aggressive!

Pit bull owners should be regualted. ADDED: I think that the owners should go through a vigurous screening process, they should have their homes evaluated, they should take a "safety" training course - like how to break up a fight, something like that. I know I would be willing to do all of those to have my dog. Those that are not so willing can get a sheetsu!! (I know how to spell that too )
The dogs should have temperment testing - that's about it, I think. If the dog is viewed as unfit and has the potential to attack a human - and this is found during the testing I would rather that dog be PTS. It saves them, the owners, and potential victims a lot of heartache and pain in the long run.

There are many attacks by other breeds that are not brought to the lime light such as pit bulls and rotties. There was an attack in Chatham during the beginning of the BSL talk. A Cheasapeak Retreiver attacked a child and required 100 stitches. Did you hear about that? It's frustrating, but it does happen. I wouldn't doubt for a second that if my best friend's golden was to attack, I wouldn't be able to physically handle that dog. No way. He's 110lbs and very strong.

I do not believe it's fair that my dog should have to wear a muzzle. I think that's it's pretty inhumane, IMO! But if I have to choose a muzzle or no dog... - I can still show her the same love and affection with that stupid thing on her face.
A halties is not a muzzle, they are designed for a comfortable and effortless control of your dog. They are not designed for deteering barking nor biting, your dog can still bite, and do damage if he wants to.... - just incase you were mislead about their function!

I hope I was able to answer your questions.
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