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your right about the diferences between our dog societies or culture. i have never hear of any of those breeds, but then we dont have wolves or mountain lions (that sounds very scary) so we dont have a use for such breeds. but i did find the PB on my secound attempt, maybe from sheer luck but the dog look similar to one i know and that is why i picked it.

when i say pig dog, over here pig dogs are any breed of muscle dog although you do find the odd cattle dog used also. due to the banning of PB over here, some hunters have taken to trying to hid their PB by mixing the muscle breeds with PB. we have some pretty darn scary pig dogs being bred over here, and many are very dangerous simply because they are they are strictly hunting dogs, they love the hunt and that is what they do best, they have taste for blood and so on. i for one will never allow my neice or nephew near any breed that looks like a pig dog, its to risky to leave kids with hunting dogs. i have never assumed PB, only pig dog, to me i dont care what breed it is, if its piggin dog i dont go near it simple. but you also dont find to many pig dogs in towns, mainly in very sml towns and on properties or in pig infested areas.

but also over here when someone says pit bull, it is usually a bull dog or staffie they are talking about, the majority ppl here have never seen a PB. i have had a dog for years and only met my first real PB the other week (he is a hunting dog but he is hidden out on the farm so not many aware of his existance). and that is the worst thing, when ppl hide them, it makes it so dangerous for anyone else, simply because PB or not you are not aware of the dogs presence and that could cause umpteen dozen problems..

but it is obviously a useful test in your country, but over here no one would believe me that those breeds actually exist, perhaps if that test is to be used anywhere eles it should be modified by the user to place it in a cultural context.
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