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that test is a little unfair

well i dont think anyone who does not live with these dogs will have any chance of guessing it, and if your not a dog breeder or knoweledgable in such an area it seems a bit pointless, as i simply have never ever heard of the majority of breeds on the test and pit bulls are banned over here so i dont see many often.. it would be fairer if the dogs were actually compared to something general, such as staffies, rotties, and mixed breeds etc. the dogs all look like what i term pig dogs, no breed names, just pig dogs, the type used for pig hunting.

i have never in my life heard fo breeds such as
boerboel, dogo argentino, presa canaro, cane corso, black mouth cur and the list goes on. it is a little deceptive the way they have all used pig dogs but used very trendy breeds that the average person has never heard of and will never see in a life time.

so what am i supposed to do' am i supposed to look at a pig dog and go 'ah well you see that is a prime example of presa canaro'??

i dont think that test would achieve much in normal society other than alerting ppl to some really strange breeds of dog, and as many ppl know(esp in australia), there is an assumption that a mixed pig breed is more dangerous than not, so you make ppl aware of more breeds to hate and look out for.

bullmastifs and bulldogs are often mistaken for pits, why not use them in the test, it is a bit ineffective to use breeds not heard of, they should be using breeds that can be found on the streets and in ppl lives daily so they cna relate it to their experiences, i think that would prove a point far more effectivly.
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