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protein losing nephropathy?

7yo male golden retriever Buddy started limping.

4/19 The vet saw nothing broken, prescribed pain killer and anti-inflammatory.

4/29 No improvement. Deteriorated in health. Back to the vet for blood work.

Loss of appetite
Loss of weight
Increased thirst

Blood work showed:

Low Albumin 2.2 (reference range is 2.7-4.4)
Low A/G ratio 0.6 (reference range is 0.8-2.0)
High AST (SGOT) 69 (reference range 15-68)
Low Glucose 57 (reference range 70-138)
Low Calcium 8.8 (reference range 8.9-11.4)
Low Magnesium 1.1 (reference range 1.5-2.5)
High WBC 17.0 (reference range 4.0-15.5)
Low Platelet Count 67 (reference range 170-400)

Differential - Absolute
High Neutrophils 13260 78% (reference range 2060-10600
High Monocytes 1360 8% (reference range 0-840)

Prescribed Cefpodoxime 200mg 1 per day for 5 days

4/1 Deteriorated further; symptoms amplified. X-ray done. Showed no cancer or tumors. Showed arthritis.

Prescribed Baytril 60mg 1 per day for 3 days.

5/2 No improvement. Doesn’t eat. Doesn’t get up.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do for my dog?

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