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I know that most of the destruction probably comes from Bucky. Believe me I am proud of Bucky, my evil genius and her two minions. Unfortunatly the other two are quite bright as well and they like to teach eachother new tricks. Friday the manx showed the other two that if you want to see what is inside of an object and can't get it open all you have to do is push it off something that is high enough so that it breaks and if that doesnt work you need to smash it against the wall repeatedly until it opens. now I have to lock them in a dog kennel while I am cooking or they would be on the hot stove pushing a hot pot/pan off of it when I left the kitchen for more than a minute. By the way did you know that cats will eat a whole jar of saurkrout? I have indeed tried the Scat Mat and it worked wonderful for my two other cats and it might work for Bucky when I am not in the room. When I am in the room, However, she will sit on it an glare at me. You can see her ear twitch as the mat snaps away under her.
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