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I know the cats would not get into the cabinet in the entertainment center just to break something, however I know they would get in there just to "check it out" The absolutely love getting into places they know we don't want them to be. If we lock them out of an area they go nuts trying to get into it and usually Bucky has no trouble getting into what ever she wants seeing how she can turn door knobs, flip latches, open the oven, and pull things out of the cupboards even with the child proof latches. Between her and my other cat that can jump eight feet in the air they can reach just about everything. I have scrapped the child resistant contraptions on the cupboards and cabinets to the heavy duty twit style latch and have had to put a carabineer in them to lock them because one of the cats could open it otherwise. Itís almost as though they see it as a challenge. We have pretty much had to bear/raccoon proof the house but apparently we have to put locks on every door in the house.
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