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Originally Posted by SnowAngel01 View Post
I would like to get him on a homemade raw diet.
I think for your situation, the best thing would be to have a diet consult with Dr. Lisa Pierson, who is behind the very informative website. Go to this link and scroll down a bit to find her email address: The reason a consult would be good is because she looks at your cat's lab work and helps formulate a diet plan based on that. Many raw diets are too high in phosphorus for kidney cats and she has methods to help reduce that.

Originally Posted by SnowAngel01 View Post
He gets raw egg yolk a few times a week (yes, I know about the biotin deficiency this can cause and he gets additional biotin in his supplement to counter act the avadin and has not had an issue in the year he has been getting the eggs)
Just to clarify, it's raw egg white that contains avidin, not the egg yolk (which is actually high in biotin). I wouldn't feed egg yolk to a cat with CRF because it's also very high in phosphorus. A much better idea, if your cat will eat it, is to mix some finely chopped cooked egg white into her food. Egg white is an excellent source of low phosphorus protein.
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