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Not like Queensland does, Hazel. They've got bad floods up there right now, Summer is their wet season. This part of Victoria has 4 distinct seasons, with most of our rain during Spring. I can feel Autumn coming. Cooler nights, leaves falling off the fig and mulberry trees etc., but I should look at the coats on the ponies, that will tell me how far off any Autumn break will be.
Oh, got all my potted bulbs weeded before breakfast today, the potted plants are next. I need new labels on a lot of things. We measured the beds for a medium size fence (one I can still step over)to be put up to stop Jarrah walking all over them when I put Dynamic Lifter or Blood and Bone on them, trying to eat it all. She seems to disrespect the low fence that could keep Cuddles out, and my Delphiniums are too fragile to have a dog amongst them.
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