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I just noticed something strange when I was resizing these photo's, I assumed the first two are Pelargonium Gibbosum but their flowers are slightly different. Tomorrow I will carefully follow the stems to their source, they are a bit tangled in a Peppermint Scented Pelargonium so I need good daylight. Maybe the first one is just an old flower.
Third photo is Salvia Megan's Magic, not at its best but you get the general idea of what it's like. Wind has knocked the garden around a lot this Summer.

I was told of a good book going cheap last weekend and today finally went into town to take a look. It now lives here , the Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Garden Plants and Flowers. Usually $80 I think, got it for $30. Yay!! Might be my reading matter when I'm stuck in Hospital.
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