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Question adopting Yorkie and need some advice

I just found this site, and am interested in finding out some info on Yorkies. We lost our Bassett Vendeen last Dec. to old age (16) woke up one morning and found him, then in Aug. lost a cocker spaniel to breast cancer (12) we both decided then ,that was it for us as it was so hard to lose them after having them all their lives. Well guess what, we can't stand the silence in the house. Yes, we have two lovebirds but they don't run to greet us at the door and they refuse to cuddle with us on the couch. We are currently in the process of adopting a 5 yr. old Yorkie from a rescue. Seems this guy has already been in 4 homes and has some aggression issues. Can you blame him. We have no other dogs and can give him the attention he needs. I guess I need advice on getting the dear little guy to trust us. He is aggressive to other dogs, men, and sneakers. Guess I could guess why men and sneakers. I want to make my home his forever home, no matter what it takes so any advice would be welcome
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