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I Just got home from the vets office-

Hi My name is Lori.I am very new to the site,and am finding all of your information very helpful! I have a 9 yr old male cat Ratfink,and last year I brought home a tiny farm cat Demetrie.Little did I know she was very sick,signs showed up a week to having her home.Well my male cat started to get these weird hazy spots on his eyes,Brown dots and clear dots.There was no redness or draining at all. After many false treatments he developed a puss ball within his eye.(it was a solid white spot)After taking him in multiple times,getting Neomycin drops and Antibiotics wich worked for a while.Today my new Vet told me they are in deed signs of herpes. With having no cure,he gave me L-lysine,and Chloramphenicol ointment to try. So hopefully this information will help you all out.
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