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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post

Oops, I think I read that wrong. Is it the Iams they get three times a week or the wet?

Actually, Iams makes a dry and wet. He gets their kibble daily, and Iams wet three times a week. For now, anyway. Petsmart carries the Wellness brand, which I saw recommended on that website. I definitely like the ingredients listed on the Wellness brand a lot more than what Iams puts in their cat food, so we'll be making a trip this afternoon, I think, so we can start changing him over.

In other news, no vomit! I got home last night and gave him an additional 1/4 of a cup of his kibble, and he chowed it down. I put extra in when that was gone, but I guess the 1/4 cup was all it took, since he didn't nibble on the second portion. I'll keep watching him over the weekend, but I'm feeling pretty good that the problem is solved. Even if I'm feeling lousy that the poor guy was going hungry
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