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kitten vomiting

Okay guys, here's the deal: Gizmo has vomited every morning for the last three mornings. There's no food in it, it's just bile coming up. He's eating, drinking, pooing and peeing just as he always has. I have a vet appointment for Monday with instructions to watch him over the weekend to see what happens. I'm not very reassured, and I'd like some idea of what the problem could be, or what I can do to help him not vomit. I know when the dog gets an upset stomach, I can put him on a boiled hamburger (gets all the fat out) and rice combo, which he loves and which is very, very mild in order to give his system a rest. Keeping in mind the Gizmo isn't quite 6 months yet, is there something similar I can do for him? Maybe cooked, lean chicken or fish? And advice would be appreciated!
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