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Shelbysdad2, I can truly sympathize with you! :sad: My one dog has had terrible allergies for years and it has been a losing battle. We have done steroid pills, injections, supplements, shampoos, sprays, all types of dog food with novel proteins (duck, fish, etc.) and nothing has worked! Sigh, it's so frustrating!

I actually joined this forum to learn more about raw, & I have switched all my dogs in an attempt to help with the poor little guys allergies!

I would defaintly try a grain-free and poultry-free dog diet, as that seems to be what most dogs are allergic to. Orijen is grain-free and they have a fish diet which is also high in omega-3's which is great for the skin. You can also pick up a bottle of liquid omega-3 dietary supplement at most vet clinics and give a few squirts in his food (I cheat and use Shopper's salmon and fish oils pills instead - much cheaper!)

I have heard lamb seems to work with many dogs with allergies... didn't work for my guy but maybe worth a shot?

I know you can also test for allergies at the vet clinic... I have thought about it, but most of the vets I have talked to have said its not very conclusive and allergies are usually to multiple things (some of which you can't control very easily!).

Good luck and keep us posted!
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