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Originally Posted by shelbysdad2 View Post
I have had a cone on her on 2 occasions for extended periods each time, but what she does is push up against a wall or the floor and bends the cone to get to her eh? haha. And the bitter spray does not faze her, she licks that like its an appetizer. Its been very frustrating to say the least, but I will continue to try and deter this. I will win! I will win! LOL
I've been hearing a lot of people saying that bitter apple doesn't even work. We tried spraying it on the palm trees out back so the dogs would quit eating the bark. We set the bottle on the table out back and forgot about it. Came out a couple hours later and they had eaten the bottle!

Have you tried the cast gauze? It's the stuff the vet wraps around an IV to keep the animal from chewing it out. Same stuff that goes on a broken arm after the initial white cast. The stuff I always see in the pet supply stores is hot pink. Pretty tough stuff. Sucks that it won't let the wound breathe, but if you can't watch her (like while at work) it might be something to try instead of the collar.
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