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Wow, I just read this thread....I think you should definitely keep the cat(s) separate from the dogs when your not home. I'll tell you my experience, it really opened my eyes to the whole 'cat - dog' thing....

When I bought my first house, I had three wonderful dogs, the most gentle creatures you could ever meet - I mean, they were great with other dogs, cats, kids, everything! One was a purebred lab, the others mix lab/collie. I had three cats and everyone lived together great. Until one day, I came home and found a cat lying in my bathroom, soaking wet and DEAD. Then I realized it was my Torpedo...I just couldn't understand what happened. I never suspected my dogs. Never. I figured she must have died of a heart attack and the dogs sniffed her, that's why she was wet....until it happened again. This time it was a cat I had just taken in a few weeks earlier. Same scenario; no blood, just dead and very wet. Then I realized that it WAS my dogs that were killing my cats. Both cats were always very nervous around my dogs and they probably sensed that. When you have a home with more than one dog, it brings out the prey drive in them. All it takes is your dog to corner your cat and make your cat hiss and that gets them going. It doesn't mean that all dogs will actually kill a cat the way my dogs did (I believe it was my border collie cross Puppy who actually did the killing, the others probably motivated him by barking at the cats), but it's still not worth the risk....

Even though those 3 dogs have since passed on, I always make sure my dogs are separate from my cats, even if I'm gone to the store for 5 minutes. I have a large, wooden baby gate and this keeps my dogs in my living room and the cats always have an 'escape route'. I wouldn't ever take that chance again..

I hope Mickey is OK. I'm sure it's going to take him a long time to get anywhere near your dogs again...poor thing. And as for Roxy, she deserves MUCH more than a scratch on her nose...I'd withhold the cookies for a few days!!

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