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Wet canned food for kittens?

Hi all! So great to be back with healthy kittens and not a life or death question here this time.

I've been doing a lot of research and every cat wet food I find seems to have something not so great about it? I was feeding my kittens Tiki Cat which they LOVE and since they are kittens, I'm feeding them a few times a day. But then I have been reading that I shouldn't be giving them so much salmon and tuna. So then I went searching and found so many 'healthy' canned foods have things like carrageenan in it or too many vegetables/fruits.

My cat owning friends all recommened Tiki Cat and BFF but all I can find in both brands are fish which is what they use everyday.

So far my tops are Weruva and Nature's Variety Instinct but would really love everyone else's opinions and what they use!

PS: I lost my last kitten to FIP so I am now an OVERLY paranoid mommy to my new kitties. Forgive me!!!
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