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Layla is in Heaven :(

Unfortunately today I had to put my Layla down We went to visit yet another vet this time recommended by some good acquaintances. He did examined her, did urine check and told me plain truth - most likely she had tumor/cancer in her bladder (he noticed unusual cells in urine). Also, he unlike other vets told me about all options and possibilities which I greatly appreciated. He said that quality of her life is not going to improve. I asked for antibiotic with the hope that well.... it might help. At home I gave her yet another pill.... she vomited it few minutes after and I know that when it happens it must be bad. After weeks on antibiotics she simply was not going to tolerate yet another one. In the last few days she was peeing all over all the time.... even when she was sleeping... I was taking her outside few times per night. It is not the best thing to euthanise own dog, but.... I had to do it. I gave her little bath..... we went for our last walk.... and now she is in heaven.... like all good doggies .... all dogs go to heaven, right. Yes, I am upset with previous vets for not telling me everything and not giving me all information. Of course I will get another pet and at least I know who to ask for advice and help.
I keep saying to myself all the time..... Layla... you were such a good doggie
Thank you for reading and thank you for your previous responses
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