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And I will love him forever...

My little boy is almost 2! (april 19).

Bestia came to my life when I was suffering with some depression after my brother died, and I can say, its because of this little guy that I got out of that dark place I was in... sometimes I still notice how some people think I am crazy for the way I treat my little guy (and now Guero too of course), whenever he has gotten hurt, I cry with him, when he doesn't seem to be having a good day I do everything I can to make him happy. When he is sleeping, I always cover him with a blanket, every night before bed I brush his teeth. I am constantly reading and finding readings about how too keep him healthy for many many years to come.

Sometimes I prefer not to go out, so he doesn't have to be home alone any longer than when we are at work, in fact we are currently planning a trip for the fall, and even though I know they will be in good hands, I cannot help but to feel a bit of anxiety and making a mental list of all the things I have to get for them before I go - an outdoor play pen, a couple gates so they are not by any chance close to the door when someone opens, too many things -

He always has kisses for me (well everyone actually), he listens to me everyday when I tell him about my day, last year when we went on a trip, we came back with a mickey toy for him, and that is his favorite toy, he will no go to bed is mickey is not with him, he carries him around like a little baby and his blanket. He lets you know when you have been bad, for example when I come home after being out with a friend and he has been alone with Dad, he will bark at me before kissing me

Am I crazy? maybe, well I little bit yes. But even though I may seem a bit over protective, I know they know they are safe with me, that I will look after them always, and no matter what I will love them immensely. My life became so much more when these little guys showed up, and as I finish writing this, my eyes water a little bit... how I wish they could come to work with me and that we lived in a society that would let us bring our puppies to more places than just a pet store.

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See... Mickey is always with him my phone can do so many things I don't even know, but I only use it to take pictures of the dogs all the time
Dogs don't need to talk, their life is their message ~ unknown.

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