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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Hmmmmm a quote from the article by a vet:

Dr. Joffe says owners should stick with kibble that is “based in good science” – brands such as Iams, Hills, Purina and Royal Canin. He has written papers in peer-reviewed veterinary journals and lectured across North America about the perils of a raw diet (including what he views as the human risk – salmonella levels in the home, and dogs eating raw meat, then licking a human’s face).

I wonder if he's read about all the recalls in recent years ?

I feed my cats a raw diet (homemade) and they've never been healthier.
I was told Iams grinds up baby chickens alive to made their food! Iams, Hills, Purina are really poor quality dog food. My last dog did not like Hills dog food .
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