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I have an indoor male cat, he just now started to act like a tom cat. He is spraying all over the house.

What should I do?



We many feel as if Spring will never come, it's quite possible your cat's hormones are telling him otherwise. Contrary to a lot of beliefs, neutering does not change a cat's personality or cause weight gain.

What it does do is cause fretful problems in his mind. His hormones could be telling him he wants to mate. Should you go the neutering route, don't expect him to change immediately.

You could in the meantime, get more litter pans and put them in some of the places he goes. Also, you might check your doors to see if any cats are around. They will spray your doors. Their odour is strong, too.

Be careful when opening your doors and windows because, if this is the problem, his next move will be to dash outside.

Confining him to one room might help.

As a last resort a crate. This is cruel as he can't help it if his hormones are running amuck.

Hope this is of some help to you,

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