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I've recently rescued a 8 month old cat from a local shelter
and will be spaying her in the near future but I'm still undecided about the
declawing - I want to make an informed decision and I've heard pro's and
con's about this. I want to do what is right for the cat, but she is very
difficult when I try to clip her nails, help... Mary


Hi Mary,

Ultimately this is difficult personal decision, and you've already heard the pros and cons.

When you declaw a cat, it is permanent.

Our suggestion is to always try every last resort before declawing a cat.

Some things you can try include;
  • Food treats while clipping general,try to make the experience pleasant for the animal.
  • You can try cutting a few nails while he's sleeping deeply...try to do a few at a time at him before you start...reassure him...
  • Try putting out many scratch posts or pads to keep him scratching regularly.
  • Of course you can always call an animal trainer or behaviorist, (ask your vet for a recommendation)
  • With 2 people, it's quite easy to clip a difficult cat's nails. One person holds the cat in a special position (Ask your vet for a demo!!) while the other clips the nails.
  • Or if after you've tried several solutions, he's really too difficult and you can afford it.... just bring the pet into a pet grooming shop once every 3 weeks to 1 month, they'll clip nails for about 10-20 dollars.

Hope that helps,

Cat owner and breeder for over 20 years
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