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I need help badly!

Hi I'm new here!

I'm not sure if I can post here or not?

But I need help in the worst way......I'm hoping someone has ideas or been threw what I have been threw?

I have in total 3 dogs. One 10 yrs. next 4 yrs and the baby is 9 months.

Lizzy is 9 month old pure bred Liver spotted dalmation. We rescued her from the pound. She was quite ill, dehydration, maluntrition. She was 6 months old. We were told she had been in the pound for a month. We noticed that her muzzle was twisted. When taken to the vet...we were told she had an injury done to the face and that it has healed that way. She may loose 3 teeth at full grown stage.

I have had terrible trouble with her crossing roads. You can almost see a switch go off in her head and she turns into monster puppy. Grabbing the leash and shaking it. Jumping and also aggression towards the other dogs.

The fear is cars. I know that. Now I did some investigating and found out that Liz was found in an Industrial area. We even drove there to see what was there. Sure enough big trucks and heavy vehicles. Now I'm pretty sure that she was hit by one of the vehicles causing her injury to the muzzle.

This is a bit long winded but I really need some help. Sorry about this!

I have tried every thing. I can't grab the muzzle because of her injury. i did try a head harness and that caused a mess when the halter was rubbing on one of the bones that had been broken.

I have tried vet sugestions of de-sensitizing her. Making her sit on the boulivard and giving treats. I have done searches on the web. I have talked to "dog trainers" but nothing seems to work.

I find if I use aggression she gets worse.

I love to walk and play with my dogs we go every day for 2 hour play sessions. When we get to the park I do take off the leads so they can play. She is her happy puppy self there.

I hope some one can offer advice. I'm at my wits end here and feel like a failure that I can't figure it out.
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