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Arrow Pregnant dog - pregnancy signs in dogs - Answered by C. Robinson


How do you know if your dog is pregnant?


If you witnessed the mating chances are your dog is pregnant. You can calculate 62-63 days gestation period from the mating date.

If you did not witness the mating than evidence of pregnancy will only be evident several weeks into the gestation (between week 6-8).
At this time an X-ray taken at your veterinarian will confirm fetuses.

Signs late in the gestation period

The female's mammary glands will have started to swell up with milk..
Behavioral changes such as turning in circles in search of a nest, anxiousness, decreased appetite, and a characteristic decrease in body temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit 24 hours before giving birth. (Normal body temperature 100.5-102.5F).

Chantale Robinson AHT Bs.
Holistic and Alternative Vet. Medicine
Salaberry Veterinary Clinic
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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